Bisket Jatra Festival, Madhyapur Thimi

Madhyapur Thimi celebrates numerous festivals throughout the year and Biska Jatra (Commonly known as Bisket Jatra / Sindur Jatra) is one of major festival celebrated in the city.

Bisket Jatra festival is a very spectacular colorful and cheering festival celebrated at Madhyapur Thimi. Folks from various parts of the city gather carrying their own chariots in Balkumari premises Thimi, Siddhiganesh temple Premises Nagadesh and Layeku Bode. People celebrate and share greeting throwing Simrik color powder, playing Dhimay music.

Bisket Jatra festival celebrated from the 30th of Chaitra to 4th of Baisakh in Bikram Sambat every year but 1st and 2nd of Baisakh is celebrated especially than other days. Read more…