February 13, 2019

Kalinchowk Rural Municipality (Gaupalika) is located in the Dolakha District. It is one of beautiful travel destination for the sighting of a panoramic view of the high Himalayas ranging from Everest, Gaurishanker to Annapurna.

Kuri village is about 17 kilometres from the district headquarter, Dolkha. The road crisscrosses a tropical and coniferous forest on way to Kuri. Sherpa owns most of the lodges at Kuri. The temperature drops to minus on the mercury scale during the winter months and water freezes. One really has to take warm clothes during winter.

Kalinchowk peak is about one hour hike from Kuri. Since 2018, cable car also ferries people who are unable to hike to the temple. They charge NRs 500 for a round trip to the peak which is about 2-3 minutes away.


Upon reaching the Kalinchowk Peak, one gets overwhelmed by the sighting of panoramic view of high Himalayas ranging from Everest to Annapurna. One on close range is the Gaurishankar Himalaya.

Gaurishankar Himalaya is the world second highest peak of the Gaurishankar region. Gaurishanker is the combination of two words: Gauri and Shankar (goddess and god according to Hindu mythology). It is situated along the western edge of the Rolwaling Himal. The Himalaya is formed of two summits: the northern (bit higher) than Southern summit thus called Gaurishankar which has steep slopes on all sides with corn iced ridges.

Hindu believes that the goddess grants wish of those who visit her temple situated in the peak of the hill. For those who avoid or feel uncomfortable to see animal sacrificed, a replica of the goddess has been established separately for sacrificing animals and birds at Kalinchowk. The ridge (peak) where the goddess is located falls between Tamakosi River in the west and Sunkosi River in the east.

Another religious significance of the goddess is that unless Gai Jatra is held at the temple, the ritual would not start in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. This destination is suitable to all type of people ranging from the professional photographer to a family picnic.

How to get there?

There are two routes to the district while travelling from Kathmandu: one route is about 140 kilometres via Khadichaur if one takes Lamu Sanghu-Jiri Highway. Some of the towns in this route are Banepa, Dhulikhel, Dolal-Ghat, Lamo-Sangu, Khadichaur, and Mude.

If taken Banepa-Charikot Highway the total distance is about 20 additional Kilometres reaching 160 kilometres. This route is comparatively better for tourists who love scenic views and good foods as there are lots of restaurants. Dhulikhel, Khurkot, and Khumiti are the towns on this route.

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