Photo walk at Madhyapur Thimi

PhotoWalk to explore Madhyapur Thimi

April 8, 2017


Shooting festivals is always exciting and adventurous for photographers and photo enthusiasts, because the participants of the festival have no restrictions for anyone who would like to capture them.
Biska Jatra, held in Madhyapur Thim, has been a platform for all the photographers and photo enthusiasts to capture exciting feeling, emotions, festive mood, culture and many other things. A photographer would require having a generalized knowledge about the place of the festival.

Biska: Jatra organized the PHOTOWALK to promote the tradition and culture of Thimi and also to provide them with information regarding the festival itself and route of festival while visiting different places of Thimi. This would later result in ease in knowing the angles and places to take photographs later during the Biska Jatra Photo Competition III event.

The photowalk would start by gathering at Gwonga Chiwa(Right from Bakha bazar while going to Bhaktapur from purano Thimi), Thimi in April 8th (26th Chaitra). Photographers and photo enthusiasts would gather in 6:30AM and would be accompanied by resource person who would be providing information about the culture and route of Biska Jatra. It would later be helpful for taking photograps during the main event of which the photographs can be sent for Biska Jatra Photo Competition III.

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See you there!!!